My Raw Food Living 

¨Introducing My Raw Food Living and Clean Eating as a lifestyle choice for a healthier body and happier mind¨

Curious to learn more about Raw Food Living? Or if you´re like me, are you in search of yummy and nutritious recipes to help you look and feel amazing?

Think of this as your beginner guide to a raw food lifestyle!

Mother Nature has provided us with all the Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients needed to keep your health in tip top shape. 

Get the full benefit of every ingredient by eating it raw...

Raw food livingRaw Super Food Salad

So What is My Raw Food Living?

When food is cooked it alters the nutritional value - we destroy the vitamins, minerals and enzymes which our bodies need to function. My Raw Food Living is real food eaten in it's most natural state. 

Raw food, also know as Living Food is considered any food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade (117 Fahrenheit).

There's a whole array of delicious foods we can eat Raw including most varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and also some grains. Check out the List of Raw Ingredients, you might find some surprises.

Of course it goes without saying eating some foods Raw such as meat and eggs can cause food poisoning so do make sure you fully understand the concept of Raw Food Living before starting your own journey. Hopefully you'll find everything you need in this site.

Throughout the website you´ll find:

  • Delicious Raw and Clean recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Snacks and Healthy Treat ideas
  • Nutritious Fruit & Vegetable Juice and Smoothie recipes 
  • Tips on incorporating Raw and Clean Eating into a busy lifestyle
  • The wonderful health benefits of Fruits, Vegetables and why you need to be eating them daily
  • Free Juicing Recipes 
  • Great tips on how to juice your ingredients, like Juicing Radishes 
  • A place to share your own Juices and favourite recipes. Not only that but for every to share their raw food journeys and the impact it has had on their lives

Raw and Living foods can mean different things to each of us but if your choice is to turn fully Raw then do make sure you have done your research.

Every one of us is made up differently, for some people going fully Raw can potentially pose a risk to health however for others, going Raw will be the best thing they can ever do for their health. For me, I believe in everything in moderation.

Therefore this website is a product of my journey into introducing more Raw Food, but also clean eating into my busy, everyday life.

For me this is a lifestyle change - and I´m not ready to completely cut out cooked foods either, so I decided to aim for a 75% Raw 25% cooked diet - also known as Thaw before Raw. 

The main reasons why I´m going Raw and Clean:

  • To generally feel Healthier and Happier 
  • Improve my digestion
  • Aid in my weight loss
  • Find out if it's possible to get that glowing healthy look without an airbrush!

Find out more about Raw Food Living Benefits.

You will only know how important your health is once you don't have it but by then my friends it too late!

It´s not a diet (or a cult!), it´s a lifestyle! So let´s get body and mind beautiful..

My Raw Food Living

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