Beet Juice Nutrition

"You will be surprised by beet juice nutrition and the amazing benefits beetroot has on your body. Have a look at some of the benefits and why you need to be eating or juicing more beetroot."

Beetroot falls under a bulbous sweet root vegetable. They are ideal to add to your juices to give a little sweetness. (Delicious natural sweetener!)

Beet Juice Nutrition

I really enjoy raw beetroot but I know its not everyone's cup of tea. They are really very good for you with many health benefits, it only takes looking at their marvelous purple colour to imagine the good they will do to your body on the inside.

Putting beetroots in juices might be the best way to get them in your diet if you are not fond of their earthy like taste. 

Plus when you cook beetroot you reduce the nutritional profile, so raw is the best way to enjoy them! (Raw is Best for Beet!!)

Beetroot juice has become more and more popular and here's why:

Beet Juice Nutrition 

Beetroot Nutrition Facts

Beetroot is high in Vitamin C and Iron, plus they are a great source of minerals including Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Zinc.

As you will see Beetroot is relatively low in calories with only 100 calories per 120g serving (so great for the waistline too!).

They are also one of the few sources you can get nitrate and folate into your diet. See below the benefits of consuming this.

Beet Juice Health

Beet Juice Nutrition & Benefits

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the vegetable and you will see why you should be having beetroot on a regular basis...

1) Helps lower blood pressure

Studies have shown that people who drink beet juice on a daily basis have a huge reduction in systolic blood pressure levels. This is due to beetroot containing nitrate. 

2) Boosts athletic performance

Beetroot has compounds that assist the blood with carrying oxygen that help muscles to function at an optimum level. (My partner who trains a lot at the gym requests daily juice containing beets to keep his performance at optimum level.. who needs synthetic performance enhancers when you have natures goodies!)

3) Powerful antioxidant 

Beetroot is a natural blood cleanser, it has the ability to rid the body of unwanted waste and toxins. I believe this is one of the most powerful benefits of beetroot, considering the number of toxins our bodies are subject to on a daily basis. In my own opinion, consuming more detox enhancing veggies like beetroot will surely help to fight cancerous cells in the body. 

4) Supports a healthy liver

Due to the fact that it can rid the body of toxins, it supports a healthy liver. If you have had a bad diet or drank a lot of alcohol beet juice is ideal to drink to support your liver and detox the body.

5) Good source of Vitamin C

Keep your immune system in check with beetroot.

6) Helps maintain a healthy weight

It is low in calories and has a way of making you feel full due to his high water content. 

7) Delays Dementia 

By drinking beet juice you increase blood flow to your brain. The nitrate found in beetroot helps open blood vessels which in return can help to delay diseases such as dementia.

8) Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Beetroot has compounds in it that lowers the amount of glucose in the blood. (Great for those that suffer from low blood sugar levels like myself!)

As you can see there are numerous health benefits of beet juice.

Beet Juice Nutrition - Each vegetable has its place in your diet and by mixing up your juice recipes you ensure your body is getting the nutrients it deserves to keep you performing at optimum level.

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