Beetroot Juice Side Effects

"Beetroot juice side effects - beetroot is packed with essential nutrients nad it juices really well. What are the key benefits of drinking beetroot juice?"

Beetroot works really well in a juice due to it's high water content and it has such a great taste. It also has such a devine and rich color! 

I love my beetroot juice and tend to mix mine with some carrots and red apples making for a delicious drink. 

Beetroot Juice Side Effects

 Let's look at the some of the benefits and side effects of Beetroot Juice and why it is great at help maintaining overall health.

Be sure to check out Beet Juice Nutrition for a full breakdown of what nutrients beet juice contains...

Beetroot Juice Side Effects

What are the side effects of beetroot juice and some of the key benefits...

Can too much of vegetable like beetroot be bad for you?

Beetroot are amazing superfoods and have many health benefits, many of which help contribute to good blood health. Beetroot is rich in potassium which is essential for helping to regulate blood pressure and helping in the prevention of strokes.

Beetroot is excellent for keeping your blood vessels healthy, the blood health benefits of beetroot really help to keep your strength up and is very beneficial for those who suffer from feeling faint or weak. Beetroot is also a cancer fighting vegetable due to it being high in the compound betacyanin. 

However if you start consuming too much beetroot (just like anything!) then you might have a few side effects...

Have you ever noticed after eating beetroot or drinking juice that contains the vegetable, that sometimes afterwards you have an interesting trip to loo!? That's right if you haven't noticed beetroot can turn the color of your urine to a dark or pink color.. let's look at some of the side effects of consuming beetroot juice.

Turning your urine a different color - Beeturia

Have you ever spilt beetroot juice on your clothes and had a real nightmare getting the stain out? Beetroot has such a strong color and for this reason it is even used as a natural food coloring.

So it is only normal that the color of the beetroot is going to be present in your urine and sometimes in your stools too. It even has its own name..

Beeturia! Usually this is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about, however there has been research to prove that the effect of darker or pinkish color urine from beetroot consumption is worse in those who are deficient in Iron. If you notice this next time you have a beetroot juice or eat the vegetable then it may be a good idea to explore the possibility that you could be deficient in Iron.

Beetroot Juice Benefits

Kidney stones 

Beetroot is proven to be one of the foods which is high in oxalate. High amounts of oxalate in your diet is known to be one of the contributing factors to kidney stones because it binds with calcium and other minerals.

This with a lack of fluid can create a solid mass which forms the kidney stone.

Another negative thing about oxalate is that it binds to minerals in the gut therefore making it difficult for the body to actually digest them.

However the pros of eating vegetables high in oxalate far outweigh the cons. This being said if you are at risk or already have kidney stones, it would be advisable to only eat small amounts of beetroot, and this of course must be checked out with your doctor. 

Feeling faint and feverish

Beetroot has amazing antioxidant benefits so much so that it is recommended by some doctors, that cancer patients should consume beetroot juice to help fight the disease.

Beetroot helps to purify your body, in particular the liver, blood and respiratory systems. Sometimes the side effects of this "detoxification" in the body can cause you to feel slightly faint, feverish or flu like due to the toxins being flushed through your body and into your waste. Of course if these symptoms persist or are extreme then you should consult your doctor. 

Some other amazing benefits of Beetroot Juice:

  • Improves red blood cell production
  • Prevents skin ageing and cell damage
  • Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol 
  • Improves muscle function during exercise
  • Fat Free and boost your energy


To summarize, beetroot has some amazing health benefits and should be part of a healthy balanced diet. It´s particularly great to juice and ideally should be mixed with other fruit and vegetables to keep a maintain a good balance of different vitamins and minerals.

However if you suffer from kidney stones or at risk of developing them then you should first consult with your doctor before eating or juicing them. Our opinion is that the health benefits and pros of beetroot outweigh the cons. 

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