Health Benefits of Broccoli

"Check out these amazing health benefits of broccoli. Broccoli is one of natures healthiest foods as it packs a hefty punch of nutrients your body requires to perform at an optimum level."

I once heard that if you were stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere and you only had one available food source to choose from, your best choice would be to choose broccoli as it is about the only food you could live on without eating anything else!

Broccoli is a superfood and it is packed with essential Vitamins and Minerals which are key to your well being. 

Health Benefits of Broccoli

It always is best to consume it raw because the more it is cooked the more of the key nutrients it loses. I also personally think its taste better raw, it is crunchy and delicious in its raw state. 

It is ideal to add to your juices or to your lunch and dinner meals. 

Let's look at the amazing health benefits this vegetable provides you..

Health Benefits of Broccoli 


Broccoli is very low in calories and low on the glycemic index scale. 

Here are my top ten health benefits of broccoli...

1) Rich in detoxifying agents known as glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin and glucobrassicin which are three individual glucosinolate phytonutrients.

They help the body through each stage of the detoxing process known as the activation, neutralisation and elimination phases where the body removes harmful toxins

2) Rich in ITCs (isothiocyanates) which derive from the glucosinolate phytonutrients helping the body detox.

Detox your blood by consuming more leafy green vegetables and broccoli is just great at doing this for you. ITCs also have anti-inflammatory benefits which broccoli has plentiful. 

3) Extremely rich in Vitamin A and K.

Which are essential in enabling the body to maintain a healthy vitamin D balance/metabolism. When we consider in parts of the world (the UK being one!) that Vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem this is of particular interest I feel.

4) Great source of soluble fibre

Fibre is essential for your digestion and will keep you regular. Broccoli is really good to have to support your digestion and due to its fibre content, it will reduce bad cholesterol.

5) Cancer preventing properties

With its compounds that detoxify your body, it can prevent certain cancers when you consume it regularly. 

Health Benefits of Broccoli Juice

6) Creates strong bones

The Vitamin K and Calcium found in broccoli found in broccoli will support your overall bone health. It is perfect for your children to have to make sure the bones develop properly.

7) Helps with weight loss

As it is high in dietary fibre and very low in calories it is a nutritious food source to aid in your weight loss goals. Broccoli also has healthy doses of protein which will assist with building muscle. 

8) Supports heart health

The anti-inflamatory properties may assist or even reverse damage to blood vessels caused but chronic sugar consumption. 

9) Anti-ageing

The antioxidants found in broccoli as they fight the free radicals responsible for ageing. 

10) Chronic Disease Prevention

Increased fibre intake prevents high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improves insulin sensitivity. 

This all will prevent diseases like heart disease, strokes, obesity and diabetes.

Although many people will say it's boring broccoli is a great source of nourishment for the body. 

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