Health Benefits of Juicing

"Health benefits of juicing, not only are their health benefits but given the right mix, they can be delicious! Check out all the benefits here and try juicing to find out the benefits for yourself."

What's so great about fresh juicing?

  • A delicious way to consume more health-promoting food
  • Mix and match a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables  
  • Calorie reduction without nutrient deprivation
  • Flood the body with disease-fighting enzymes
  • Make you feel more energized, alert and invigorated
  • Helps you to lose weight
  • Make you feel lighter and less bloated

Most importantly… they taste amazing!

Juicing can help you manage to live with specific diseases, take a look at Juicing for Diabetes for more insight on juicing can do this for you.

The Scientific Part - Health benefits of juicing…

Whole fruit and veg in their entirety are full of fibre, which although is very much necessary as part of our diet, does make it more difficult for our digestive system to get “access” to all the nutrients. 

Safely tucked away in the fibres are an amazing range of nutrients that are vital for our day-to-day health and wellness. 

The vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, macronutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, polyphenols, and amino acids contained within fruits and vegetables all support the bodies wide range of natural functions, the immune system and disease-fighting mechanisms.


Fresh juices don’t just give us energy but also help save it too. Our bodies have to use energy to convert whole foods such as fruit and veg into a liquid to be actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. 

By drinking juice instead our bodies essentially skip this step and therefore saves energy.

Check out Beet Juice Nutrition and Benefits of Carrot Juice for more on health benefits of juicing and to see how beetroot juice can energize your body!

Health Benefits of Juicing - Weight Loss…

Another positive of juicing is that because we are removing the fibre we are therefore reducing the consumption of calories.

  • Tasty fuel - Juices are filling and can be swapped for sweet and unhealthy snacks. Instead of eating an unhealthy snack we could rather opt for a juice instead. Not only will it actually fill us up it will keep us fuller for longer and juices can be as flavorful as the unhealthy snacks - by adding ingredients like mint, lemon, lime and ginger into the juice it gives a really tasty punch!
  • Reduce cravings – because our bodies are getting the high level of quality nutrition we need through juices we in turn stop craving the bad stuff because both our bodies and pallet’s are satisfied.
  • Easier to digest than whole foods.

To see more on weight loss, please see Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss & Juice Diets for Weight Loss.

Health Benefits of Juicing - Increase your intake of the good stuff …

Some may disagree but personally I would prefer to drink a delicious mix of different fruit and veg rather than sit and eat 2 Apples, 1 handful of spinach, 1 lime, 2 carrots and half a cucumber topped off with a 2cm chunk of broccoli stem- jaw ache or what!? 

We can consume higher amounts of the good stuff by juicing them and truly reap the numerous benefits fruits and vegetables have to offer. Not only that but by consuming them in this way it makes it much easier for our bodies to digest.

In addition to this, we can boost the benefits of juicing even more by adding supplements. 

You’ll find in some of the recipes supplements such as Spirulina and Wheatgrass, from my own experience I would say Algae such as Spirulina isn’t particularly tasty mixed only with water – however, the health benefits of algae are so great that we should try and incorporate them into our diet. 

What better way to do this than by adding a teaspoon here and there into a lovely fresh juice.

Have a look Tomato Juice Benefits and Tomato Juice Nutrition to see why fresh tomato juice is great for your overall health.

How to incorporate juicing into an everyday routine…

One thing to note on juicing - as with many things in life, is that it is the only beneficiary to have in moderation! I am by no means suggesting juicing all of your fruit and veggies instead of actually eating them. 

I once did a juice detox during the first week of the year… although I will say I lost some weight and my skin definitely benefited, I didn’t really feel great afterwards.

My advice is to swap a snack during the day for a juice instead.

When purchasing a juicer I would always advise buying one which requires minimal cleaning. Juicing is so quick and easy but I found myself being put off by having to clean all the individual parts everyday. 

Find the right juicer for you and you’ll see that there is no quicker or tastier way to get those key nutrients into your body than through the wonders of juicing!

Be sure to check out Benefits of Juicing Vegetables and Juicing Radishes for more in-depth look at veggie juicing benefits. 

Health Benefits of Juicing - When is best to drink fresh juice?

 The best time to drink fresh juice is on an empty stomach. When your stomach is empty, it makes it much easier to absorb all of the nutrients from the fresh juice. 

Therefore ideally drink your juice before breakfast, I’ve found this much easier to incorporate into my daily routine, and will often eat breakfast when I arrive at work. 

This works for me but obviously, everybody’s routines are different so it’s just finding out what works best for you. 

Do take note that if you make your juice to drink later on in the day it can go brown and separate –  from the moment the juice meets the air, it starts to oxidize which will begin to decrease its nutritional value.

For optimal health benefit drink your juice within an hour of making it. Orange Juice Vitamins not only does it contain Vitamin C but it's a great source of other nutrients. Also, be sure to check out Beetroot Juice Side Effects for a full breakdown of the benefits of this amazing juice and more details on the health benefits of juicing. 

What is the difference between fresh juice compared to shop bought?

Most of the juices we buy from supermarkets are full of additional sugars, preservatives and although advertised as being very good for you, many don't have much nutritional value at all. 

Freshly juiced Fruits and Vegetables are best in their purest form and are packed absolutely full of Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrients. 

Also juicing at homes means we can keep the skin on the veggies which ups the nutritional value. 

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