Health Benefits of Kale

"What are the health benefits of kale? Check out the full benefits of this wonder food and why it's key aid to your overall well being."

Considered one of natures supers food, make sure you getting your greens and get your kale. Kale is packed with nutrients for your body, have a look at Nutritional Value of Kale for a full breakdown of it's goodness. 

You will see it is extremely low in Calories, it has zero fat and very high in essential Vitamins and Minerals. Get the full benefit of it by having it raw, simply add it to your juices!

health benefits of kale

Health Benefits of Kale


Kale is another really great super green which is absolutely enriched with a wide range of nutrients.

In fact, its loaded with them!! Again, it's really convenient because you can cook it very quickly in a pan (and this also helps retain the flavour and texture!).

The main nutritional benefits of kale are: 

1) High in Vitamin A, C and K which supports immune health, bone health and skin health. Vitamin K helps protect the body from various cancers and it can help people suffer Alzheimers.

2) Great source of potassium which is a key mineral in regulating fluid balance as well as maintaining the health of the brain, heart and nerves.

health benefits of kale juice

3) Rich in iron which is another key mineral. It plays a vital role in the production of haemoglobin (blood health) and the metabolisation of protein which will aid in cell growth and proper liver function. Quite a few woman suffer from low iron levels, making kale an absolute must to eat!

4) Plentiful in copper, another mineral which helps support healthy connective tissues, the utilization of iron and various other enzymatic processes.

5) Rich in phosphorus, another mineral which promotes healthy bones, teeth, good hormone regulation and improved digestion.

6) Full in manganese which supports bone health, metabolism and connective tissue health.

7) Great source of soluble fiber which is super important to keep you regular and your weight in check. 

8) Packed with strong antioxidants which will help protect from various cancers.  

From that list you can see kale is a very nutritionally dense food and it is easy to see why it is classed as a super food. Be sure to have a look at our Healthy Juice Recipes page for tasty juice recipes with kale in them!

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