Health Benefits of Spinach

"What are the health benefits of spinach? Spinach is classed as a superfood and it has numerous health benefits. Have a look and see why!"

Spinach is one of my favorite green vegetables to have. I especially enjoy having my spinach raw, it gives a lovely flavor to your juices and sandwiches. Plus, by consuming it raw you get to enjoy its full benefits!

Health Benefits of Spinach

It is low in fat and very low in cholesterol. It is a great source of protein, Vitamins A, C, E and K as well as B6.  

The main thing we know is spinach is good to have to up your iron intake but what are the other great benefits of these amazing edible plant.

Health Benefits of Spinach 

Spinach - Health Benefits

One of the green foods I like to include a lot in diets is spinach because it's so densely packed with nutrition! It's also very easy to add to your meals so when I'm thinking about convenience for clients it makes great sense.

The main nutritional benefits of spinach are:

  • High Vitamin C content making it perfect for boosting the immune system
  • High in folate which helps the body generate new cells and repair DNA
  • Great source of soluble fiber

Regulate Blood Pressure

  • The on of the great benefits of spinach is it contains ingredients that will help lower maintain your blood pressure.  (Add more spinach leaves to your salads and meals!)

Increases Metabolism 

  • Spinach is one of the foods that will assist in boosting your metabolism! This is also due to its high fiber content, studies have shown that by consuming spinach it can increase your fat burning ability. 
Spinach Juice Health Benefits

Reduces Inflammation

  • Green leafy vegetables are great at combating inflammation. 

Treats and prevents cancer

  • It is rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and carotenoids help remove unstable molecules from your body. Studies have shown that it protects against stomach and mouth cancer. 

Protect your Skin

  • Spinach is loaded with Vitamins A, C, E and K plus vital minerals that are important for your skin care. 

Prevents Anemia

  • As discussed before spinach is super high in iron and us ladies need our iron especially if you have recently had a baby like I have. Iron is also good for improving your energy as it helps carry oxygen to the cells in your body. 

Promotes Hair Growth

  • Spinach is great for healthy hair growth, iron helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles which is key for healthy hair strands. 

Baby spinach has a very similar nutritional profile so it is great to add it to your diet as well. As you can the health benefits of spinach are tremendous and I hope you will be now having spinach daily. 

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