How to Juice Lemons

"How to Juice Lemons - Lemons are super fruits with the numerous health benefits. Let's look at juicing lemons & limes and how you can easily start adding lemons to your diet daily."

Lemons have numerous health benefits for the body, they are packed with Vitamin C and even help you lose weight due to their digestive enzymes.

There are a few different ways to get the precious juice of lemons into your diet so you can begin to reap the rewards of these marvelous fruits. 

How to make lemon juice

I begin each morning with a glass of hot water mixed with lemon juice, it´s the best way to start your day.. so refreshing and delicious you can almost feel your body soaking up all the nutrients after fasting all night.

Lemon juice is alkaline forming too which is a great preventative for cancer, it also helps to flush out all the toxins in your body. 

Lemon juice is also ideal to have after a strenuous workout as it helps replenish the bodies salts. Lemon juice is such a great ingredient to add to your meals and juices to give it more flavor (or disguise the ones you don´t like!).

Now we know the benefits, let's look at how to juice these bad boys, I know it sounds very simple but I´ve added some great hacks which you may not have thought of before...

How to Juice Lemons 

Method 1 - Using an electric juicer

Lots of people have asked if you can use your juicer for whole lemons and the answer is simply yes! The beauty of a juicer means next to no preparation at all..

1) Always start by washing your fruit or veg when juicing. I would also advise using unwaxed lemons when juicing to keep your recipe as chemical free as possible

2) Roll the lemon on your worktop for 20 seconds to make it super juicy 

3) Sometimes you may first have to cut the lemon in half so that it will fit through the shoot but there is no need to peel the lemon

4) Simply chuck into the juicer 

how to juice lemons

Method 2 - Knife, Tongs and Strainer

Always begin by rolling your lemon on your counter or worktop, it makes it much juicier!!

1) First, cut your lemon in half

2) Pick up the lemon with the tongs so that the fruit is in between

3) Press tongs together 

4) Apply elbow grease and squeeze tongs to get all the juice out

Method 3 - Knife and fork - How to Juice Lemons

1) Roll lemon on worktop

2) Cut lemon in half 

3) With the back of a spoon, press hard on the flesh of the lemon over a jug to release the juices 

Method 4 - Juice Half & Save Half

Do you ever use half a lemon for something and then end up putting the other half in the fridge which ultimately ends up getting all shriveled and being thrown in the bin?!

This clever trick will mean never wasting lemons again.

1) Roll Lemon on the worktop with the palm of your hand

2) Pierce top of lemon with a toothpick

3) Squeeze the lemon to get the juice out

4) Place lemon in the fridge to use for later

How to Juice Lemons - Now that you have juiced your lemons, have a look at these delicious and easy to prepare Lemon Juice Diet Recipes.

Check out Carbs in Lemon Juice for a breakdown of the nutritional value of lemon juice. Lemons are low in calories but packed with Vitamins and Minerals. 

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