How to Make Grape Juice

"Check out these tips and techniques on how to make grape juice. Making delicious fresh grape juice at home is really simple and effortless."

I love fresh grape juice and no I'm not talking about wine! Nothing beats freshly made chilled grape juice in the summertime.

Grape juice has numerous health benefits like it will help in maintaining healthy blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and prevent damage to blood vessels in your heart. It also is very high in antioxidants and is great for getting healthy hair & skin.

Come on let's do it, grab your grapes and let's get to juicing! I will walk you through the simple process and you be so pleased with how easy to is.

how to juice grapes

How to Make Grape Juice

Making your own grape juice is quick and easy. Plus, you can use your blender! No need for a fancy juicer when it comes to grapes.

Here is the step by step guide:

1) Pick your grapes! You can use green, red or black grapes all 3 work well.

2) Wash your grapes thoroughly under cold water to get rid of any unwanted dirt or bacteria.

3) Remove the grapes from their stems.

4) Put grapes into your blender.

5) Blend until the mixture is smooth.

6) Add a little spring and sparkling water for a more liquid consistency.

7) Strain mixture using a strainer, muslin or cheesecloth.

8) Squeeze juice from the pulp.

9) Serve & Enjoy!

How to make grape juice

Making Grape Juice - Tips

  • You can consume the seeds of grapes, they are safe to consume and have some benefits. The only thing is the seeds do have a bitter taste so you may want to remove them when making grape juice or use seedless grapes. 
  • Add other ingredients like sugar or lemon juice as they work really well with grape juice.
  • Drink your grape juice straight after juicing to enjoy the full benefits. 
  • Store in the fridge in jars and have your grape juice first thing every morning. 
  • If you are trying to lose weight I wouldn't recommend drinking a lot of grape juice. Grapes have a high sugar content and you use a lot of grapes to make one glass of grape juice. 

As you can see making grape juice at home is a simple and quick process. Instead of buying from the store rather make your own fresh tasty batch.

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