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The one week juice detox:

How to prepare

It is a good idea got start your detox plan at the weekend or on a day off. This gives you time to relax properly, sleep if you like and really just get into swing of things. If you decide to partake in the one week vitality plan you may have to buy and cook some of the recipes ahead of time to make things easier for the week. Remember the plans are guidelines, which you can adapt and suit to yourself. 

Many people find that a juice detox gives them more energy, better looking skin, hair and nails. During the one day juice plan you will undoubtedly feel hunger pangs which hopefully you can overcome, it may help to drink water and remember it is only one day you can get through it! You may also feel moody and even tired, if you are used to drinking tea or coffee you may develop a headache which indicates your body is having withdrawal symptoms. During the longer one week vitality plan you may experience more changes. The most common ones are unexplained mood swings, a blow up of blemishes and even headaches but these indicate your body eliminating the toxins from your body efficiently. All these symptoms should clear up within 2-3 days into the plan and will you will 100 times better by the end from all the goodness being put back into your body, 

A word of warning..

Juice detox´s should not be used as a regular or permanent diet as they are too restrictive of certain food types. The best way to maintain weight after a detox is to eat a clean balanced diet involving 1 or 2 juices a day maximum. 

You should avoid intense sports and exercise whilst on a juice detox, instead treat your body to gentle workouts like yoga, walking or meditation. 

During both plans avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, chocolate, sugar, meat products and wheat. 

Children, the elderly those with diabetes or recovering from illness should not follow a detox program without first seeking professional advice from a Dr or healthcare provider.

The One Day Juice Plan - Juice Diets for Weight Loss

During the detox you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water, you can also drink lemon infused water and herbal tea. 

Shopping List:



Drink 1 pint of water infused with lemon 


First juice of the day! 

2x Grapefruits 

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