My Journey 

From an early age I have always had an interest in nutrition and love for food, mainly due to my parents -

My Mum being a Nurse and Diabetic Specialist and my Dad being a trained Chef and Nutritionist, both educated me in eating well and living a balanced lifestyle. 

My Dad would have me drinking Spirilina at the age of 3, I detested the taste but loved the way it turned my tongue green.

I also remember him making his own Kefir culture when I was 13, I don't think he'd quite mastered the technique at that point and it was pretty putrid but I knew it was good for creating good enzymes in my digestive system so got it down me! 

He has always been one step ahead of the curve when it comes to nutrition seeing the trends before they hit the headlines and my love of food certainly comes from him... So much so that I think it's fair to say I would often over eat and binge at the weekends and of course going out with friends and drinking alcohol would never help either. 

I've always known what's good for me, and really understood that we are what we eat. I've always believed by eating unprocessed, high vitamin and mineral diet we can prevent all kinds of disease from Cancer to Dementia.

But the thing is I've always worried about my weight so have tended to go for things which would help me lose weight the quickest. For example fat free things with artificial sweetener which are branded as "fat and sugar free" or Slim-Fast shakes. Always knowing in the back of my mind they had no nutritional value and would do more harm than good in the long term, but couldn't stop myself. 

My Dad, enjoying some delicious Calamari during his last trip to Spain (with a mouthful.. Sorry Dad!)

It began when I was 12. As with many teenagers now, growing up I had a constant battle with body image.

I was never really over weight by anymore than 1/2 a stone but with that I felt inadequate and nothing the "perfect" imagine which was being portrayed in music videos and glossy magazines.

By the time I got to 15 I was verging on an eating disorder, was obsessed with my figure, at times I remember cutting down my intake to 500 calories per day.  

Whenever I ate something bad I would feel guilty and not a day would go by when I wouldn't worry about what I'd eaten that day.

"Everything in moderation" people would say but that just wasn't working for me and this negative voice was always in the back of my mind that I wasn´t good enough. 

I've felt the anxiety of putting on a few extra pounds and panicked about how I would lose them - always resulting in doing some fad diet which effects would never last and again I would be in the same situation. 

Slimfast, Slimming World, no carbs, drinking only vegetable juice - the list goes on. I've done them all in order to try and obtain the "perfect figure". 

Every single time I would start a new diet I would say to myself "this is it, this time I will get to that perfect weight". Of course that would never happen, I think the main reason being that no matter how much I'd lose, I still wasn't happy in my own skin. Either that or I would go 3 weeks without eating properly and be forced to either go back to eating normally or risk collapsing! 

And this has been the story for the last 10 years'.  

Until I moved over to Spain last year. After a tough time in the UK going through a horrendous break-up, I had to get out and had always fancied living in Spain, luckily enough I was offered a job over here and took the offer with no second thought.

Upon my arrival I knew things had to change, not just in my personal life but with my eating too. This was my chance for a completely fresh start and new way of thinking. 

I will make it clear here that although this page is focused on Raw Food Living and the benefits of Raw and Live Foods I will never stop eating cooked food. 

I really just wanted to cut out processed and bad fat foods by Clean Eating and just add as many Vitamins and Minerals into my diet as possible through Raw Eating, so I am the healthiest I can be.  

That´s the important thing, this is no quick win,fad diet anymore it´s about my health. It isn´t about what size or weight I am, it's about being healthy, eating tasty nutritious meals which in turn will actually make me look but most importantly feel good. 

Changing my lifestyle in this way has already resulted in my skin looking clearer (fad diets aren't focused on nutrition generally so don't really make you look healthy!) and even brought back the shine in my hair. 

It's changed my relationship with food and I've started to lose weight in a much healthier way. 

Above all, I'm happy, I have a positive mind and am really starting to feel great in my own skin. 

Please feel free to share your own experiences and journeys with me so that I can post it on the page in the hope we can inspire others...

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