Nutritional Value of Kale 

"What is the nutritional value of kale? Kale is a superfood and it is clear to see why it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which your body needs."

Kale is another really great super green which is absolutely enriched with a wide range of nutrients. 

Nutritional Value of Kale Juice

In fact, its loaded with goodness and that's what you need to include it in your diet.

It is very easy to add to your vegetable juices or meals raw.

By consuming it raw you will get the full nutritional value of it.

The great thing about kale is it tastes delicious raw and adds a unique flavor to juices.

I absolutely love fresh Kale Juice!

With it being packed with goodness and being very convenient to eat there really are no excuses to add more kale to your diet. 

Let's go and see why kale is considered a superfood but let's look below at the nutrition value of kale:

Nutritional Value of Kale 

Nutritional Value of Kale

Kale is made of 72% Carbs, 16% protein and 12% fats. It is very low on the glycemic index.

It is very low in calories and packed with dietary fibre, protein, iron, copper and magnesium.

Kale Nutritional Value

The main nutritional facts of kale are: 

  1. High in Vitamin A, C and K 
  2. Great source of potassium which is a key mineral in regulating fluid balance. (You don't have to just rely on bananas for your potassium intake)
  3. Rich in iron which is another key mineral which will keep you performing at optimum level. (Some woman suffer from having low iron levels)
  4. Increase your copper intake with kale. This is a key mineral for your connective tissue. (Oh yes!!)
  5. Rich in phosphorus - a key mineral with many great health benefits. (Cheers to your health!)
  6. High in manganese which supports bone health, metabolism and connective tissue health
  7. Great source of soluble fibre which will keep you healthy and regular. 

Nutritional Value of Kale - from that list you can see kale is a very nutritionally dense food and by putting into your diet on a regular basis you will sure notice the difference. 

Be sure to check out the Health benefits of Kale for a more in-depth look at the benefits that this wonder food gives your body!

Again, it's really easy to get more kale in your diet, simply add a few leaves to your juices or meals. Raw is always the best way to eat it so you get the full value and nutrients. 

I hope you will be eating a whole lot more kale and I know you will thank your future self for it!

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