Raw Food Benefits 

"Raw food benefits both our body and mind. Find out the benefits of a raw food diet, not just to help lose weight but also prevent diseases and maintain healthy body function"

Raw Food Health BenefitsRaw Food Health Benefits

Simply by increasing the consumption of vitamins and minerals in our bodies through raw eating and cutting out processed and bad fatty foods through clean eating, we can change and improve the functions of all our vital organs.

Why Eat Raw? - Raw Food Benefits 

  • Clears up skin 
  • Aids weight loss 
  • Boosts immune system to fight illness
  • Lowers inflammation 
  • Improves digestion 
  • Provides more dietry fiber 
  • Improves heart health 
  • Prevents and reduces symptoms of eczema, astma and hair loss 
  • Helps with optimal liver function 
  • Prevents cancer 
  • Gives you more energy 
  • Prevents and treats constipation 

We are what we eat....

Dragon fruit raw food benefitsDragon Fruit

Raw Food Benefits - Vital Organs 


Consuming a balanced amount of vitamin and minerals makes us more alert and improves mental clarity. Many believe by eating a more vitamin rich diet we can prevent diseases like alzheimers and actually improve our memories. 

Have a look at Nutritional Value of Kale and Health Benefits of Kale to see why raw greens are the key to your well-being!


Eating a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals reduces damage to blood vessels in the heart. It also prevents cholesterol and platelets from clotting in arteries and therefore helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes. 

Check out the Health Benefits of Broccoli to see why it is so good for your heart.


Vitamins are needed to keep the kidneys functioning at an optimal level. Kidneys control fluid levels, maintain blood pressure, regulate red blood cells, balance calcium and mineral levels and gets rid of wastes through urine.

When kidneys don´t properly filter waste from the body it  causes toxins to build up in the blood and result in kidney damage or kidney failure. 

High blood pressure, kidney stones and urinary tract infections can affect kidney function. A variety of vitamins can restore the health and function of the kidneys. Spinach is great for reducing and regulating blood pressure, have a look at Health Benefits of Spinach for further details.

Raw food such as celery  watermelon, cucmber and dandelion are natural diuretics (treats the build up of excess fluid) helping to improve urine flow and therefore toxin removal. 

Raw Food PizzaRaw Pizza


A lightened toxic load on the liver results in dramatic increase in energy and general good health. The liver is used for clearing toxins from our bodies, therefore with a better working and healthier liver it functions much more efficiently – this means less toxins in our bodies. 

Our bodies get rid of toxins from the body through sweat and spots (to name a few!). Less toxins therefore less spots and body odor.  


Rich in chlorophyll Raw Plant Foods are literally a blood transfusion for the human body. It helps prevent and cure iron deficiency (anemia). Have a look at the Health Benefits of Cabbage and it can clean your blood. 

Teeth and Bones...

Raw foods are mineral and alkaline dense which supports and provides the basic building blocks for the bones in the body. 


Less excessive mucus from an alkaline PH helps with those suffering from asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and cystic fibrosis, chronic coughing and emphysema. Helps clear up blocked sinusus and improves weak lungs


Eating high enzyme foods helps digestion and the way our body functions. Minerals and vitamins are more bio available and prevents us from over eating so that we feel full for longer. 


Raw food is essential for digestive efficiency and normal bowel functions. Gaining more energy and improved nutrient absorption. 

Blood Pressure...

In a recent study which followed 2,200 people from various different countries, it showed that Raw vegetables were associated with lower blood pressure

As you can see by the raw food benefits you need to begin adding more raw food into your diet. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to start incorporating more raw foods. 

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