Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

"Raw Food Diet Weight Loss - Plant based foods are a healthy way to lose weight and keep the weight off. Raw food gives your body the nutrients is hungry for and is essential for optimum performance."

The question is can you lose weight eating raw food? Can you lose weight eating only a plant based diet?

I think you know the answer already! Of course! 

Meat is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Raw food is a great way to lose unwanted weight and also an easy way to maintain it.

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

My sister decided to go vegan for the health benefits  and she lost over 8kg's in the just over two months. She always struggled with weight and yoyo dieting! 

It's been over a year and she has kept the weight off! Not only that she feels better and healthier. 

Now I have to admit not all her diet was raw but around 80% of it was. You will see how many individuals have had major success going on a plant based diet. 

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

Processed food lacks nutrients and when you consuming only this your body begins to starve for specific nutrients you are lacking. 

What happens? You get cravings, your crave something sweet or something unhealthy.

Why not feed yourself with the nutrients your body needs to thrive. You will soon see how your cravings disappear! Just try it for a month and then go and have a bowl of ice cream and you will see how heavy and sickly you will feel. 

Don't think raw food is just fruits and vegetables! When I tell people have your tried a raw food diet? The first thing they say I can't just be eating salads all day. 

Let's open the world to how many different delicious recipes there are to choose from. Have a look at List of Raw Foods for all the different foods that are available. 

Raw Food Dieting Weight Loss

Benefits of Raw Food - Raw Food Diet Weight Loss 

  • Reduce your cravings, no more are lack of minerals. Feed your body what it needs to perform at optimum level.
  • No more bloating! Processed carbohydrates in flour and bread leaves your tummy feeling yucky. 
  • Processed sugar and gluten are hard for your body to digest. Leave your digestive tract feeling amazing
  • Get the full goodness of food, when you cook food your damage some of the essential nutrients. 
  • Have better moods, less chance of getting sick.
  • Begin to lose unwanted fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss 

Mother Nature has provided with foods that actually help us lose weight! Certain foods have properties in them that aid in weight loss and not like gimmicks like fat burner tablets these foods are actually good for you.

Have a look at Chia Seeds Weight Loss and see how these amazing seeds help you shed those unwanted pounds. Plus, chia pudding is absolutely delicious and such a healthy treat!

Juicing is another easy and effective way to get more nourishment into your diet. Check out Juice Diets for Weight Loss and Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss on how effective juicing is when it comes to losing weight. 

Raw Food Recipes - Raw Food Diet Weight Loss 

Looking for tasty raw food recipes? You have come to the right place. 

Here is a great daily plan to follow:

             Raw Food Breakfast 

Start the day right, with vitality and energizing meals!

Juices, chia pudding or overnight Oates are great options for breakfast time. 

These ingredients release energy slowly throughout the day which will keep you going and make you feel fuller for longer. 

               Raw Food Lunch

Raw Food Lunch

Looking for mouth watering easy-to-prepare meals for lunch?

Try some of these, prepare these meals the day before so you don't make the mistake off buying something unhealthy because you are in a mad rush during your day.

Feel satisfied and keep the energy levels up.

          Raw Food Recipes Dinner 

Raw Food Recipes Dinner

Dinner time is when most of us over indulge and overeat.

Here are some delicious options for you to try and they are easy to prepare and oh so tasty.

You will feel satisfied and full because your body has received all it's required nutrients.

Here are a list for more Raw Food Recipes including snacks and mouth watering puddings - Raw Food Diet Recipes.

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