Storing Kale

What are the best ways for storing kale? Keep your kale delicious and fresh for longer with these great storing tips.

Let's keep our kale delicious and fresh. Kale like a lot of green leafy vegetables tends to wilt quite quickly if not stored correctly. 

I don't know about you but wilted kale isn't the best thing to eat and serve to your family. I love adding a few kale leaves to my salad and like them the leaves to be fresh and crispy. 

Let's look at the best ways to store your kale...

Storing Kale

1) My preferred option - store your kale in whole bunches in the fridge. 

The best way to do this is to use a zip-lock plastic bag and when you put your kale in the plastic bag wrap your kale with paper towels. This will keep any excess moisture getting in and ruining your kale (oh goody!)

Typically my kale will be good for four to five days like this in the fridge and any more time in the in the fridge they begin to wilt so eat up family!

Storing Kale

2) Freezing your kale - great way to keep kale for longer and periods and for juicing.

Use this method if you are not going to eat your kale within 3 days or if you simply want to add to your smoothies. 

Here what I'll do is wash my kale in cold water and then dry off with paper towels. Place in a zip-lock bag and it goes straight into the freezer it goes. 

I love having some kale in my freezer it's ideal first thing in the morning when I making my green juices I simply grab some kale out the freezer and put straight into the juicer!

3) Store prepared Kale - Fridge

If you bought store prepared kale in a bag then you can place that straight in the fridge. Try to get it in the fridge as soon as possible as I find my kale goes slightly bitter the longer it stays at room temperature. 

Store prepped kale tends to last no more than three days in the fridge so make sure you consume before then. 

I hope this helped. I hate wasting food and there is nothing worse than throwing away kale that was left too long in the fridge.

Using these methods for storing kale we wasted a whole lot less and by freezing some of it made it so convenient to add to my juices.

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