Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss 

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss - Are you looking to lose weight? Done your research and came across juicing. The question is can you lose weight juicing?

First things first we have to understand... how do we put weight on AND how do we lose it?

The answer? Well it´s relatively simple but a lot of people misunderstand it... calories in + calories out!

If you are consuming more calories a day than your body needs or you are consuming more calories than you burn off through exercise, then it´s very likely you are going to start putting on weight. 

It doesn't matter if all you eat is watermelon, if you are consuming more calories in watermelon than your body needs each day and not burning it off then you will begin to start putting on weight. Ok you´d need to eat an awful lot of watermelon but just as an example! 

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Los

Can You Lose Weight Juicing? 

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss - The answer is yes, you can lose weight juicing but when done in a sensible manor. The idea is swap some of your regular meals for a healthy juice. 

The juice will act as a meal replacement and the idea is to consume less calories for that meal then you normally would on your regular diet.

A juice made from multiple vegetables will be packed with essential nutrients and minerals. You would be consuming more vital nutrients than you would with a normal meal.

An average meal would contain 400 - 500 calories, but a juice made with fresh vegetables is 150 - 200 calories on average. Think about that having 200 - 300 calories less per day!

More then half the calories but packed with more nutrients and minerals. Do you see why this works so well for you?

The important factor you must consider is, if you are not losing weight on your current diet and begin adding a daily juice you are not going lose weight!

Why? You are now consuming even more calories then you were before!

What we want to avoid doing is going on a crash diet and start starving ourselves to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

This never works as its not sustainable for your body to function properly on a small amount of calories everyday. You may see the scale go down but don't be shocked if you feel tired and begin craving all the bad foods you are trying so hard to avoid.

You hear it all the time - the latest fad in dieting, only eat popcorn or only eat baby food! The pounds will fall away...

Seriously, how can your body function at optimum level eating only popcorn??

Our body needs nourishment in order to function properly. You wouldn't put trash in your car would you? So... why put it in your body!

What we are doing is creating a new lifestyle where we getting all our daily nutrient requirements and sustaining a healthy body weight that we feel good at.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss - Lose Weight Juicing 

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss - Now... lets begin adding tasty juices to our daily meal plan and lose weight the healthy way.

First you need to know your daily calorie intake and the intake you would need daily to lose weight. You should aim at losing a pound a week - this is a safe and healthy amount to be losing. 

Google calorie intake calculator or get a calorie app on your phone. 

Once you have that number, all you need to do is make sure your meal plan including your juices amounts to your calorie daily intake to lose a pound a week. 

If you stick to this you will lose weight but not only that you will look and feel healthy. You won't be tired, your cravings for those bad foods will decrease. You will have so much energy all day you will think why didn't I start juicing before!

By having that fresh vegetable juice everyday insures your body is getting the nutrients it deserves and needs. 

Vegetable Juice Weight Loss

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss

I definitely would recommend juicing fresh vegetables rather than fruits when it comes to losing weight. Fruit has quite a lot of natural sugars and intern will be higher in calories then vegetables. 

You can add an apple to your juice to give it flavor but be careful adding a lot of fruits. Rather stick to leafy green vegetables, carrots and cucumbers.

These are dense in flavor and nutrients but low in calories! Keep your daily calorie intake in check and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Be sure to check our Detox Juicing Recipes.

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